Leftover Radio: every week, straight from the bin

Leftover radio is a receptacle of leftovers: leftovers from other radios, leftover hardware, scripts, mailing lists, names, people. It is also the leftover of a once more active community of autonomous spaces, projects and hangouts. Notwithstanding its multiple genealogies, diverging flows and leaks, the radio has been streaming regularly every Thursday since over a year and it’s currently based in -and mingled with - LAG hacklab. As a collective project, Leftover tends to shift sounds and dynamics with the people joining the crew and with those gravitating around the radio nights. People are welcome to come by LAG every Thursday night for a drink, to play, to help out and to conspire. Informal, approachable and all, Leftover has nevertheless its own peculiar consistency, which luckily attracts some individuals and utterly repels some others…

For questions or proposals you can also contact us on irc

There is a Mailinglist to discuss stuff.