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demo marielle franco

Exactly one year ago in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Marielle Franco got killed. She was a powerfull activist, Feminist and defender of human rights. she was and is well recognized for her dedicated fight in the favelas in brazil defending the rights of black and poors womens who are suffering big social repression. In this world where the capitalism, the racism, the patriarchy, the jerarquies works like a predominant system be a woman and be black and be poor and homosexual makes your life extremely difficult and she was fighting against it cos she lived in her skin how is this life . She was a woman she was black she was from the favelas for that she dedicated her life to this. So just 3 days before her murderer a group of people got killed in the favelas and she posted in twitter How many people needs to die to stop with this war ? and three days after she also got killed. so this is a proof of the repression that brazil is leaving these days

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